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Monday, June 10, 2013

E3 Day One: Joe Hogan Takes Over The Missing Linc

Happy Monday everyone, and what a day it is! The eyes and ears of the gaming community are turned intently on the Los Angeles Convention Center was we kick off E3 2013!

Wii U XBox One Playstaion 4

It's going to be a really exciting expo this year. Microsoft will try to prove that it's not trying to ruin gaming as we know it, Sony will be revealing the answer to the question "What else can we make one system do?" and Nintendo will be happily humming its own tune while the other two duke it out. And who better to cover this three day game-a-palooza than my friend, Star Wars artist, and lifelong gamer, Mr. Joe Hogan.

Star Wars Artist
Literally the best picture he's taken in 10 years
Joe will be taking over The Missing Linc for the next three days, updating you all on what's new, exciting, shocking, and head-scratching in the gaming industry. When he's not doing my work for me, he's busy putting his own unique touch on familiar franchises like Star Wars and Marvel Comics (heard of 'em?) You can check out his work on his blog,, his DeviantArt page, and his first motion comic, The Siren of Dathomir. Take it away, Hogatron!

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