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Friday, June 7, 2013

Your Linc at Lunch: "Magnitude" Ackbar Mini-Bust, Life in the Whedonverse, Zelda Fan Film, and More!

Rainy days are perfect for sitting in, kicking back, and finding out what's going on around the internet. Let's dive in to your Linc at Lunch:

1. "Magnitude" Admiral Ackbar Mini-Bust is....Simply....Amazing

Gentle Giant has revealed their exclusive mini-bust for San Diego Comic Con. And

It's a trap! A fancy, fancy trap.

Based on the artwork of Steven Daily, "Magnitude" shows Admiral Ackbar in his finest regalia, ready to lead the Rebellion to victory...and then perhaps a fancy dress party. It also comes with a beautiful wooden case.

Ackbar Mini Bust Wood Case
Perfect for storing some Mon Cal Brandy!

The mini-bust will be on sale for $175 but Premiere Guild members can pre-order it now!

2. Much Ado About Everyone: Joss Whedon Assembles His All-Star Friends for Shakespeare

Joss Whedon might have some of the coolest friends around. His actors from current and former shows and movies are fiercely loyal to him and are often seen in more than one of his productions. Today, his latest film, Much Ado About Nothing brings many of the familiar faces from Buffy, Firefly, The Avengers and more to the big screen in a black-and-white adaptation of Shakespeare's classic tale. Buzzfeed has an incredible and in-depth interview with many of the actors, and the man himself, detailing their fondness for each other and their absolute faith in Joss.

He also, apparently, had the power to insert them all into the opening credits for Doctor Who.

I think the most amazing part of all of this is that the movie was based on semi-regular Shakespeare read-throughs at Whedon's home, where the movie was adapted, shot, and produced in only 12 days! Only the sheer awesome power of the Whe-Don could get that done!

You can also check a SXSW 2013 Panel on the film here:

3. It's Dangerous To Go Alone...But It Might Be More Dangerous If Someone Was With You

YouTube user CorridorDigital has released an incredible video featuring Link as he battles his dark side. Incredibly shot, edited, and coreographed, I would shell out a few rupees to see a longer version of this in theaters.

4. Going My Way? Poster Details All The Famous Cars in Geekdom

"Star Cars", by artist Scott Park is an incredible compilation of 77 of the most famous rides around Can you name them all? Larger version here.

Ecto-1, Delorian, Turtle Van, Batmobile

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