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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Evening Geekery: Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Pokemon, and the New Facebook

I probably won't be getting much of  chance to post anything this weekend so I thought I'd collect some of the cool bits I've seen online today:

1. Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Site
The good folks over at the BBC have created a special site commemorating Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary. The page is full of info on all the Doctors, monsters, and companions over the show's half century. There's also information on upcoming shows and events such as the super cool three-day event at ExCel in London. Definitely worth a look for any Whovian in the sesquicentennial spirit.
Eleven Doctors
Eleven Doctors, 50 Years

2. Once Upon a Time Preview: Cora's Backstory
Next week's episode "The Miller's Daughter" gives us Cora's backstory. As Glinda says in the musical Wicked: "Are people born wicked? Or do they have wickedness thrust upon them?" It will be interesting to see how Cora eventually becomes the ruthless Queen of Hearts. Here's a clip that holds some of the key...including an appearance by a very notable character.

And another clip all but confirming that Rumple's family tree is about to gain another branch!

3. First Form Pokemon Dress Up Like Their Third Form Selves (Warning: Adorable Alert)
Artist Birdychu has done an incredible job with these pieces. First form Pokemon are drawn cosplaying as their final form selves. Squirtle dressed as Blastoise, Pikachu as Raichu, and so on. They're very well done and worth a look at the whole gallery...but here are my favorites:



4. See...And Then Hate...Then Come To Accept...Then Never Want to Let Go Of...The New Facebook
Based on user suggestions that they wanted to see more of their friends and less Facebook, the company will soon be releasing its mobile-inspired version that is leaner, smoother, and makes the newsfeed prominent while relegating everything else to a sidebar. I have to say, I really like it.

New Facebook Design
Don't you just HATE it?! And now LOVE it?!

You can read more about the changes here

That's it for now folks! It's been an incredible first week on the blogosphere and I just wanted to thank all of you for making that happen! Til' next time!




  1. I like the new Facebook too - thanks for breaking the news!

    1. Ya know, I compared it to my current page and I really can't wait. It's gotten way too cluttered.