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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sign The Petition to Light the Empire State Building TARDIS Blue!

TARDIS Blue Doctor Who Empire State Building New York

Attention all Whovians! The intrepid fans over at NY SciFi & Fantasy have submitted paperwork to the Empire State Building to light it up in that all-too-familiar blue on November 23 in honor of Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary.

But they need your help to convince the good people who set up the lights to accept their plea. So please show your support by going to and adding your name to the petition!

The Doctor has been to New York many times in his travels through time and space, including one that ending in heartache just this past series. What's more, he helped save the ESB and New York from the Daleks in Daleks In Manhattan.

Doctor Who Empire State Building
Eyy c'mon, sign the petition? Whatta you some kinda mamaluke? All mamalukes must be EXTERMINATED!

Help the United States honor our favorite British sci-fi show on its incredible anniversary by signing the petition! For more info on the Empire State Building the schedule for each lighting click here. Allons-y!


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