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Monday, July 1, 2013

Your Evening Linc: Making Up for Lost Time

Holy Kenobi! How can a week go by so quickly? Well, while I was doing God knows what (I think they call it "a job") and ignoring my blogging responsibilities, some cool stuff piled up awaiting my undivided attention. Let's get to it before my "Saved Links" folder needs it own episode of "Hoarders".

1. Zack, Bulk, and Skull Reminisce As Power Rangers Turns 20

Walter Jones rocked the Fade and commanded the Mastadon as Black Ranger Zack Taylor in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. In an interview with IGN, Jones reflects on what made his time on the show so special:
"...I ended up in the winners circle with my cast. And I think the show wouldn't have been what it was without our cast. It was the chemistry we had that made the show what it was. Because we really did find, between the five of us -- or the six of us after Jason David Frank joined -- a camaraderie and a true friendship that we brought to the screen."
It's Morphin Time
Admit it, just seeing this got you sounding off all the Zords in order.

And while there's no denying that while Tommy Oliver may be the longest-serving Ranger, the duo that has seen the most screen time in the now long-running series is everyone's favorite goons from Angel Grove, Bulk and Skull. Played by Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy, the number 10 in human form (think about it) started off as thugs but wound up saving the day on more than one occasion.
"As for the show's 20th anniversary, Schrier said, "It's all a little weird... It's like dating your high school girlfriend again or something." Added Narvy, "It's like you haven't really broken up -- you did, but you're going to keep some stuff there and --" interjected Schrier, "you went off and got married and had another family, but you still love her. You think about her all the time, even when you're with other people... It's healthy, is what we're saying. Healthy!"
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Get that "10" comment now? 
You can read more of the interview by clicking the link above, including stories about their first brush with fame and how they weren't originally allowed to see the action scenes from the Super Sentai series on which Power Rangers is based.

2. Gentle Giant Wants to See Me Go Bankrupt....And I Just Might Oblige Them: C-3PO Concept and Boba Fett Mini-Busts

Coming off the announcement of the "Magnitude" Admiral Ackbar mini-bust, I was pretty sure that Gentle Giant was done with their big exclusives for San Diego Comic quote an old Jedi ghost: "I was wrong." Gentle Giant has recently released the fourth in their series honoring the concept art of the late, great Ralph McQuarrie. This time with the original design for C-3PO.

Gentle Giant C-3PO
The odds of me not buying this are 6,230 to 1
C-3PO's design was heavily influenced by the robots seen in science fiction movies of the 50's and 60's, especially "Maria", the Maschinenmensch from Fritz Lang's legendary Metropolis. It wouldn't be long before the protocol droid with a heart (and outer-casing) of gold would become an iconic image of his own. While you may not being buying him off of a Jawa, you might think GG is trying to pull something by pricing Threepio-Beta at $75. And speaking of icons, no one besides Han Solo has made Star Wars so badass as the Mandalorian bounty hunter himself, Boba Fett. And no one has been able to capture his utter coolness quite like Gentle Giant.

Boba Fett Gentle Giant Mini-Busts
I rest my case
Being a busy bounty hunter, the mini-bust comes with multiple interchangeable arms and his own exclusive box (for storage in your own personal cargo hold). But be forewarned, securing Boba Fett always comes with a high price, and you'll be shelling out $150. I guess Gentle Giant has no "No Disintegrations" policy when it comes to my wallet.

3. The 50th Anniversary Fan Trailer That Gives the BBC Something To Live Up To

A YouTube user, appropriately called "John Smith" (if that is his real name!), has posted a fantastic fan-made trailer, in both 2-D and 3-D, for the 50th Anniversary Special. I think he's done a pretty good job editing footage and audio together to make a pretty seamless trailer. Regardless, it makes me wish we could hop into the TARDIS and take a trip to November 23, 2013.

And if that gave you chills, then this one is going to get you right in the feels. Here is Matt Smith's Love Actually-esque "thank you" and farewell to the fans:

No...I'm not crying...that's um...the image of an Angel...coming out of my eyes....

Well I think that'll just about wrap it up for now. I still have a lot of cool stuff to get to, and I'll make sure that I get to it in a very timely (and less wibbly-wobbly) fashion. 

'Til Next Time,

- Joe

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