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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

E3 Day 3 - (OPINION) The Next-Gen Console War is Already Over

Hey, faithful Missing Linc readers! Joe Hogan here once again for some Day 3 E3 coverage. We're kicking today off with a personal opinion article, detailing why I'm making mine Sony this console generation. I've been pretty unfair to Sony leading up to the PS4. Let me just say that I owned a PS1, PS2, but no PS3. I also owned an original Xbox and the Xbox 360. So this past generation, I've been a huge Microsoft supporter, and as much as I loved the past Playstations, I just couldn't get into the PS3. It just wasn't for me. With that in mind, I was not expecting the Playstation 4 to be for me until Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One.

We all know the facts by now. If you don't, here's a quick re-cap. And how did gamers react to Microsoft?


Rightfully so. DRM, used game fees, 24-hour internet connection check to function, mandatory Kinect connection (that is always on and recording, mind you), and a price tag of $500. Microsoft's privacy-invading console has quickly become the butt of a giant internet running gag, and the ship is sinking quickly. By the end of the Microsoft conference, I had already resigned to the fact that I was done console gaming (with the exception of my already-owned Wii U), and would be making the jump to PC gaming. That's still a strong possibility, but then entered the second half of Sony's press conference.

NONE of the issues listed above for Xbox One will be plaguing the Playstation 4. Games are still free to swap with friends, there's no internet connection required to play single player games, and the price is $400...a whopping $100 cheaper than Xbox One. Not to mention, it has a ton of games on the way (maybe not at launch, but what console does?). It's getting the essentials like Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4, as well as other console exclusives like The Division, Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. It is a good time to be a Sony gamer. I'll say it: The Playstation 4 is shaping up to be the console that I was hoping the Xbox One would be. My one regret is that I won't be able to continue Master Chief's adventures into the second and third installments of his Halo Forerunner Trilogy, but one game is not worth the cost of $500 and my principles as a gamer and, how I hope to think of myself as, an intelligent consumer that is fully aware of what he does and does not want.

November is coming.

An interview from with Microsoft Xbox Doucheba- I'm sorry- Executive, Don Mattrick, really drove it home, if all that other information didn't already. Mr. Mattrick stated that for those with no internet connection, the best solution for their gaming needs is an Xbox 360. Now, forget the condescending tone in his voice for a minute. This eighteen second clip is the exact problem with Microsoft's approach to the Xbox One in the first place: They are trying to tell us what we want and need as gamers instead of listening to us. Instead of acknowledging that their online policy for the Xbox One is a flawed one and an inconvenience to a huge percentage of their customers, they're choosing to defend this abomination to gaming, and telling those screwed over by this move to shut-up and suck it up, essentially. Obviously, the Xbox 360 is turning eight the same month the Xbox One launches. How much longer is that system going to be supported? It's an even bigger middle finger to those who were disappointed with Xbox One's online policy. Does he really think that people who can't play games with Xbox One because of no internet connection are going to stick to 360 over buying a Playstation 4? What kind of arrogance is this?

So, to sum it up:

'Nuff said. Let's let our wallets do the talking.

Next up today is a feature on games that might not have made it to the big press conferences!

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