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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Your Saturday Morning Linc: Nintendo 64 Kid Remake, Agent Smith for GE, Jayne Cobb Hat Scandal, and More!

Congratulations, everyone, you made it to the weekend! I think you deserve some pretty cool Lincs:

1. Nintendo 64 Kid: The Darker Side of Christmas

We all remember that great video of the young boy and his sister opening up a Nintendo 64 one special Christmas in 1996. Hell, I can remember being that kid! I was beyond excited to get mine from Santa, and I'll never forget making my dad come upstairs to watch the opening scene with Princess Peach's letter and Mario coming out of the pipe in all his 64-bit glory. Well, YouTube user TerminalMontage has posted a video detailing a very...different version of events:


Thank you, TerminalMontage, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, check out his amazing Zubatman: The Animated Series Trailer!

2. Agent Smith Wants You To Know That Machines Are Good

As I was entering my fifth consecutive minute of belly-laughing from the last video, I noticed the fine people at GE posted this video featuring a certain agent of the Matrix.


Surprised to see him? Me too! That is the man himself, Hugo Weaving, reprising his role as Agent Smith for this very cool commercial. Not only does he explain the life-saving and time-reducing products of GE, he makes me want plug myself back into the Matrix! I know I'd take that blue lollipop in a heartbeat.

3. You Can Sing the Legend of the Hero of Canton, But You Can't Sell His Hat

Firefly fans (or Browncoats) can instantly recognize one of their own by one very simple, stylish, and practical piece of headgear.

"A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."
Now, everyone knows fans can get pretty creative, so over the past 11 years since Firefly's cancellation (yeah...that's right...feel old), people have been making their very own Jayne Cobb hats and selling them. The orange dome-topper has acted as a symbol for all Firefly fans who still want to connect to the beloved series long after its undeserved and abrupt end. Even creator Joss Whedon knows its true value:
"Joss Whedon: Here's the thing about the hat. It's tangible, it's DIY, it's not wearing an entire costume. You can have the hat and go to your day job. It's everything that should work for cult... it's the specificity and the fact that it's got that homemade feel. People can make it themselves. Also, it's very flattering.
Adam Baldwin: It does. And it's cozy in the wintertime." 
But, sadly, you can only infringe on a loose copyright for so long. The people at Fox (you know, the ones who has the brilliant insights to cancel both Futurama and Family Guy....well....when Family Guy was good anyway) have put the kibosh on that and given all vendors on Etsy a firm cease and desist letter. But, clever geeks that that they are, the fans found a workaround. One even created a hilarious backstory for their hat. Check it all out here at Buzzfeed.

4. The Internet As Told By Memes

A million years from now, when some alien archaeologist is trying to compile the history of the 21st century, he (or she...or it) will have to look no further than this picture. College Humor has compiled some of the most popular memes of the last decade (or has it only been 2 weeks?) into one great graphic.

Behold: Your Life....Wasted.

Head on over to their site to see an interactive picture and enjoy spending some more time with the memes we all know, love, and can never forget....until the next one comes along

That's all for now, people. Have a great weekend!


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