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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Your Morning Linc: Dark Horse Adapts Star Wars First Draft, Doctor Who News, Netflix and Cartoon Network, Tour Cinderella's Castle

And a frigid morning to you all! Apparently Earth hasn't paid its heating bill for the East Coast. But that doesn't mean that there aren't some great reasons to huddle around the warm glow of your computer screen:

1. Dark Horse to Adapt Original Draft of Star Wars

The Star Wars
It'll never catch on.
Update: "The Star Wars" will hit stands September 2013. Eight issues are planned. 

At this year's WonderCon, Dark Horse Comics revealed that they will be adapting George Lucas' original draft of The Star Wars into comic book form. Pictures reveal characters like Jedi Bendu apprentice Annikin Starkiller, bearded General Luke Skywalker, and an unmasked Imperial officer named Darth Vader. It will be written by Jonathan Rinzler and the art will be provided by Mike Mayhew. I've read through the original script several times and it's really amazing how the concepts and characters evolved into what we know today. Here are some pictures from Wondercon:

The Star Wars
Annikin Starkiller

Darth Vader. Note how the Imperial Officers of the Legacy comics wear a similar uniform.

The Star Wars
General Luke Skywalker....The Most Interesting Man in the Galaxy

The Star Wars
First Page

2. Zygons to Appear in Doctor Who 50th and other Whovian Goodies

Yesterday, the BBC announced that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special will feature the classic alien villains known as the Zygons.

Doctor Who
The Zygons first appeared in the 1975 Tom Baker serial "Terror of the Zygons" but have also been seen and mentioned throughout Who history (as well as in The Sarah Jane Adventures spinoff.) They use bio-engineered technology, have a deep fear of fire, and if you throw them at a wall they will stick there (I'll have to check my sources on that one. As for what part they'll play in the 50th, we'll just have to stick around (....get it?)

Looking to turn your attention back to more Earthly matters? Then head on over tomorrow to to purchase the in-universe book "Summer Falls" by none other than the Doctor's former companion, Amy Pond (now Amelia Williams).

"We're not 'her boys'" "Yeah ,we are." "Yeahhh we are..."

The book follows the adventures of young Kate, who befriends a lonely boy and a museum curator while trying to solve the mystery of an old painting. Kate's life will take an unexpected turn and she will know the true meaning of the phrase "When summer falls, the Lord of Winter will arise..." You can read the first chapter over at the Radio Times.

Feel more like exterminating than reading? Check out this awesome Eyestalk app and see life through the lens of a Dalek. With seven different filters from the entirety of the series, your friends will cower in fear in under ten krells! Only available right now for the iFamily of products.

Doctor Who
You will buy the app! Obey! Obey!

3. Netflix and Cartoon Network Team Up...In Other News No Work Was Done By Anyone Ever Anymore

Cartoon Network and Netflix
Oh, hi. We're you're childhood.
Now that Netflix and Cartoon Network have joined forces, you can once again enter Dexter's Lab, fly with the Powerpuff Girls, and smooth-talk the ladies with Johnny Bravo. They will also be offering their newer shows like Adventure Time, Chowder, and Regular Shows as well as their [adult swim] lineup including Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Venture Bros. They've even added some awesome WB shows like Justice League and Batman Beyond. No word yet on the Batman: The Animated Series though.

So far it's just the first season of each, but we expect many many more hours of nostalgic hilarity to come. 

4. I Want to Live Like a Princess: Take a Tour of Cinderella's Castle

Disney World
One day.

Ever wanted to spend the night in Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World? can't! Not unless you're a celebrity or a charity. The world's most exclusive hotel room cannot be bought and is offered as an amenity only to select guests, as a promotional giveaway, or for charities. Originally intended to be Walt's apartment, he died before construction of WDW was completed. Check out the video and pictures below for the grand tour of the place you'll need a lot of help from your fairy godmother to get into.


Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

And that's your Morning Linc!


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