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Monday, April 1, 2013

Your Morning Linc: Best April Fool's Pranks from Around the Web

Updated: Karen Gillan to appear in Episode VII and the New Star Wars animated series is revealed!

Good morning, everyone! I'm back from Easter break and I hope you and your family had a great holiday. Not a lot of time until later to get into my Doctor Who and Game of Thrones recaps, so I thought I'd collect a few of the best April Fool's jokes from around the web

1. Google Nose

Because "smelling is believing", Google unveiled the beta for their latest project, Google Nose. According to the video, your olfactory senses will be your guide to the world wide web. "Photo olfactory sensory convergence", as it's called, will no longer be relegated to the realm of science fiction! Click the "Try Google Nose" button and watch the people over at Google celebrate their triumph in their own special way.


2. George Takei Will Star in Episode VII

The leader of the "Star Alliance" has revealed that he will be starring as Jedi Master Ceti Maru in Episode VII: Galactic Empire. While not the best attempt at an April Fool's joke, you gotta love the picture he posted:

Star Wars Episode VII
Oh Myyyyy

3. The Joke I Wish Was Most True: Karen Gillan to Join Episode VII Cast

This one hurts to know that it's a prank. The Big Shiny Robot people thought it would be funny to give fanboys (and girls) everywhere a giant let down by posting today of all days that Karen Gillan will be starring in Episode VII. The fiery Scottish companion of the Eleventh Doctor, Gillan would have been perfect for just about any role in anything ever.

Amy Pond
Come along, Pond, indeed.

4. YouTube to Shut Down til 2023 to pick "Best Video Ever"

The folks at YouTube let the world know today that they will be shutting down until 2023 in order to cull through the millions upon millions of videos in order to select "THE BEST VIDEO EVER!" An all-star panel has been organized to select the video, including Antoinne Dodson of "Bed Intruder" fame. Check out the announcement below:


5. Doctor Who to Re-Design the TARDIS

Our friends over at Doctor Who TV Blog posted a great prank article detailing the demise of the famous blue police box. According to their article, showrunner Steven Moffat will be trading in the old model for something "hipper, cooler, and sexier" for the show's 50th anniversary. They thank contributor "Ali Forlop" for the scoop.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
This actually would be an upgrade.
6. Apple Announces iPlay Game Console

Not to be outdone, the group over at IGN has released a video detailing Apple's new iPlay console. The tech giant wants to compete with the big boys in the world of gaming and they're going to do it with simplicity and style. And you'll be pleasantly surprised at the game they have decided to solely dedicate their console to. Check out the video here:


7. New Star Wars Animated Series to Feature Jar Jar Binks and Col. Gascon

Get ready folks! Star Wars Underworld, in their exclusive report, reveals that the successor to The Clone Wars will feature none other than everyone's favorite(?) diminutive Republic officer, Colonel Meebur Gascon!

The Clone Wars
Actual size.

The series will reportedly follow Gascon and the lovable(?) droids of D-Squad on their many adventures throughout the galaxy. Laying it on thick, SWU also reports that the series will feature Jar Jar Binks, whose absence in the Original Trilogy will be explained and who will make a big comeback in the Sequel Trilogy. Adding to that the possible cameo of Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman from Doctor Who, and you have one hell of an April Fool's post!

That's all for now, guys. Hope you this made the Monday return to work a little bit better.


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