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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Your Linc at Lunch: Star Wars Every Year, Doctor Who 50th News, New Zelda Game for 3DS, and Heroes May Be Revived

It's time once again for a little digestivo, Missing Linc style!

1. Star Wars Updates: Sequels/Spinoff Alternating Every Year, May the 4th History, And Patton Oswalt is a Genius

Episode VII

Alan Horn, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, announced today at CinemaCon in Las Vegas that Disney will release one Star Wars movie every summer beginning in 2015. After Episode VII's release in 2015, the movies will alternate between spinoffs and Episodes VIII and IX. Ooh, just typing those Roman numerals gives me goosebumps! Perhaps each spinoff will be affected by, and then lead into, the next Sequel movie? If there's ever a time to be a Star Wars fan, it's during the buildup to a new movie. There's so much excitement every time a new shred of information is revealed. More details to come as this unfolds!

Also be sure to head over to Star for a great, brief history of "May the 4th Be With You" in preparation for Star Wars Day in a few weeks. And if you haven't seen actor and mega-geek Patton Oswalt's completely improvised Star Wars-inspired filibuster, which will be featured on tonight's on Parks & Recreation, do yourself a favor and check it out below. The man is an absolute genius....and frankly I'd love to see the movie he proposes.


I can also 100% forgive all the mispronunciations and errors since this was a completely off-the-cuff speech. Hopefully we'll hear more of his ideas in the future.

2. Doctor Who 50th: Tennant Speaks, Doctors Unite, and More Monsters to Be Featured

David Tennant, the man behind the beloved Tenth Doctor, turns 42 today. Happy Birthday, Doctor! He recently spoke to the Radio Times about his return to Doctor Who:
“It is strange being back in the same suit, but it also feels very familiar and comfortable," (Tennant said.) "There’s nothing quite like Doctor Who. It has a wonderful excitement about it. I always had happy times there and it’s lovely to be around Billie again, even though I see her all the time anyway.”
And while we can't wait to see Ten and Rose back together again, here are a few shots on location of David Tennant and Matt Smith outside what looks to be Ten's TARDIS:

Doctor Who 50th
10 and 11

Doctor Who 50th
A wider shot. Check out that Zygon strutting his stuff (Ladies?)

Queen Elizbaeth I
Ten running with Queen Elizbaeth I

Doctor Who 50th
And it won't just be the Zygons that the (at least) two Doctors will be facing. According to writer Robert Banks Stewart in an interview with Digital Spy, we will see Daleks, Cybermen, and more! Will the villains team up in an effort to destroy the Doctor once and for all? Who knows! (Pun aside...Moffat and only Moffat knows.)

3. Time To Update Your Hyrule Historia: Nintendo Announces "A Link to the Past" Sequel for 3DS

Oh you read that right! Yesterday, Nintendo revealed that they will be releasing a direct sequel to 1991's "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past"! According to NBC:
"The new "Link to the Past" will follow directly in the footsteps of the original SNES classic, featuring everything from the iconic top-down perspective and cartoonish art style of early nineties-era Zelda games and the same Hyrule that series protagonist Link explored more than a decade ago."
Since it's being released for the 3DS, developers have utilized that feature to use the height of platforms in new and exciting ways. And there will apparently be a feature that will allow Link to become a drawing, flattening him against walls and making him able to get around tight spaces and obstacles. Check out the video below and see the first glimpse of what looks to be a visually stunning and incredibly fun game.


4. NBC's Heroes May Find New Life on X-Box Live

Let's be honest here: When Heroes debuted in 2006 it was incredible. Characters like Peter Petrelli, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman, Claire and Noah Bennett, and the evil Sylar took hold of our imaginations as the super-hero genre went mainstream. I really enjoyed it because it presented every day people being thrust into extraordinary circumstances. It asked the question "just what would happen if suddenly you woke up and had super powers?" and did so in a believable and intriguing way. It also had, for the first time, a truly international cast and we were taken from New York to India and Japan as the good guys tried to stop Sylar and "the bomb". The ubiquitous catchphrase "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" was whispered among my friends all year!

Hiro Nakamura
Also, if you didn't squeal like a little girl when he showed up, I can't help you.

And then...I don't know what happened. Convoluted plots, more characters than a Simpson's collage, and just the overall poor quality of the show in its last two seasons spelled the end for the show. But, it looks like the show might heal quicker than Claire after a fall off a water tower, with a new cast and stories possibly to be downloadable from XBox Live. Hopefully during this interregnum Heroes' house was put back in order and we will see fresh, exciting content (with of course some cameos) soon.

Yatta! \(^0^)/

And that's all for today! Well, one more thing. In honor of David Tennant's birthday, here's a clip of every time he uttered his famous catchphrase.



- Joe

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