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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Your Morning Linc: Disney To Shut Down LucasArts? Plus, I Join A Podcast and Discover A New Fandom

Good morning one and all! Got some late breaking news last night that needs to be shared:

1. Disney To Shut Down LucasArts?

In the wake of the cancellation of the Clone Wars and the disbanding of the Lucasfilm Animation team, rumors are quickly spreading that the next division on the chopping block is none other than LucasArts. Games Industry International is reporting that hiring has been frozen and the slate of games has been reduced solely to Star Wars 1313, though the fate of that game (like that of the rumored First Assault) is in question.

"Legend says they dropped The Clone Wars team down there..."

LucasArts brought in $150 million in revenue (with operating income of $90 million) in 2012 due to titles such The Old Republic MMORPG and Lego Star Wars III and division heads have adamantly denied the claim. But an ex-employee has been quoted as stating that the company suffers from "no stomach for a truly original product and a slender means to produce their previous cash cows - Indy and Star Wars".

More on this as it develops. I remind everyone to be patient and wait for official confirmation of anything before storming the castles at the Disney theme parks.

2. The Missing Linc On the Positively Nerdy Podcast Panel

A podcast 2 + Years in the Making

So someone thought it was a good idea to let me speak on a podcast. Last night I was invited by my friend Ryan Porter onto his podcast, Positively Nerdy, to discuss a very interesting topic: At what point does Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader? Joining me was Star Wars artist Joe Hogan and Hughes the Force producer Ruark Dreher. Joe and I met both Ruark and Ryan at Celebration V in Orlando way back in 2010. Being able to debate about Anakin's turn to the dark side felt like we were back at Miller's Ale House on International Drive. When the podcast is released you can bet that I will post it here. I'm looking forward to many more Star Wars chats to come!

3. The BBC Might Just Control My Life: I Finally Discover Sherlock

Well, it was inevitable. Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and writer Mark Gatiss teamed up in 2010 to give their take on the famous resident of 221B Baker Street. The result was Sherlock, and it is marvelous.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman
Much like Holmes' fashion sense.
Benedict Cumberbatch (possibly the most British name ever?) does a phenomenal job playing the great detective. He can rattle off deductions with impressive speed and keeps the character mysterious and intriguing. He is, as always, supported by his friend Dr. John Watson played by Martin Freeman, a former army doctor who does his best to keep up with Holmes and remind him to be human every so often.

Martin Freeman
And not a dwarf song to be heard.
The interplay between the two is great, as one definitely relies on the other throughout the series. Supporting characters such as Holmes' brother Mycroft (Gatiss), who is a high-ranking intelligence official, the doting landlady Mrs. Hudson (Linda Jean), the masterfully played Moriarty (Andrew Scott), and the seductive Irene Adler (Lara Pulver) quickly become favorites as well.

On Netflix, each episode is about an hour and half long (three episodes per season, so far), but they fly by. Holmes uses modern day technology to unravel the clues, sometimes even sending Watson off to a crime scene only to Skype back the details. And a really cool part of the show is watching Holmes deduce something from seemingly mundane pieces of information. Words and symbols literally appear to the viewer and you can begin to see the inner-workings of the mind of a genius like Sherlock. Check out the trailer for Season 1 below (with Muse's "Uprising" playing in the background!)

The show is definitely worth a look for anyone who enjoys mystery and suspense with some great characters and humor thrown in. 

Update: Benedict Cumberbatch also did the voice and motion capture for Smaug and the Necromancer in his pal Martin Freeman's movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and will reprise both roles in the sequel. He will also portray John Harrison, the main antagonist in Star Trek: Into Darkness

Enjoy the rest of your day, guys!


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