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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Your Evening Linc: McDiarmid on Palpatine Movie, Doctor Who Clips, Duck Tales Reboot, and More!

Hello everyone! It's a fine evening for geekery don't you think? Let's take a look at what the internet gods have bestowed upon us:

1. Ian McDiarmid Would Like To See A Palpatine Spinoff Movie....As Would We All

Celebration VI
Me and my bestie, the master of all evil.

Because when the Emperor speaks you listen. SciFi Now has posted a great interview with my favorite actor from the Star Wars galaxy, the incomparable Ian McDiarmid. In it he discusses his upcoming appearance at Celebration Europe II, George Lucas, and what he thinks has kept Star Wars so appealing to so many for so long. He also talks about the future of the saga under Disney. And While Ian admits that there's no place for a dead Palpatine in the new trilogy, there might be hope for a standalone feature.:
“On the other hand they’ve got lots of exciting ideas for spin-offs about separate characters and so on, and then there is the television series which George has talked about and decided to make into being for a number of years, and that takes place between Episodes III and IV when the Emperor is very much alive. So I think he probably does have a future."
The mind swirls with ideas! The movie could be based on the immensely popular Darth Plagueis novel by James Luceno, or perhaps delve into the Emperor concentrating his power during the Dark Times. However you imagine it, a Sidious-based movie is definitely not something to chuck down a reactor shaft! Hopefully everything proceeds as he has foreseen.

2. New Bells of St. John Clip and An Interview From the 20th Anniversary of Doctor Who

I really can sympathize with the Doctor when he bemoans waiting out time like a normal person in the Series 7 episode "The Power of Three". The excruciating wait for the season to resume this Saturday is made just bearable (or perhaps more unbearable) by another cool clip from the people over at the BBC. We've seen the Doctor's wardrobe room before (most recently in  David Tennant's first outing in "The Christmas Invasion", but the Eleventh Doctor is keeping his costumes a little more within reach in this new incarnation of the TARDIS. Check out the clip below and see the Doctor don his new duds </alliteration>.


Because bowties are cool!

Now, while I was fumbling about YouTube, I happened to come across this great clip of a British news show from 1983 that features Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, and then-current Doctor Peter Davison reflecting on what makes Doctor Who so special. The three Who's are affable and having a ball as the host tries in vain to reign them in. It's funny to watch this and see them all marvel at the show's 20th anniversary knowing that the 50th is just around the corner. Pay special attention to the end when the moderator theorizes that, since the Doctor can only has 13 lives (according to the idea established in the Tom Baker era episode "The Deadly Assassin"), that the show would be on at least another 45 years, which brings us pretty close to the current era.


3. A-Woo-OO! Duck Tales NES Game To Get a High-Def Reboot!

In what I hope is a long line of rebooted classics to come, this summer will see the release of the original NES Duck Tales game. The brilliant minds at CAPCOM bring Scrooge McDuck back with stunning new graphics but with the same classic game play that brings you back to those days in Duckburg. Sing along to one of the best cartoon themes ever and feast your eyes on "Duck Tales - Remastered", out for all platforms Summer 2013.


4. Greyhound Sings the Halo Theme...and I Almost Choke on The Pretzel I'm Eating

Nothing more to say about this video. Just try not to laugh as this dog performs his rendition of the classic Halo theme:


I'm just waiting for this to be released on a remastered OST.

That's all for tonight, folks! Until next time,


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