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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Doctor Who, Star Wars, and More in the Linc Roundup

Here's a roundup of some of the more interesting bits for the geek-minded:

1. The Missing Linc Found on Facebook and Twitter!
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2. Doctor Who: Five Speaks and Eleven's Looking Good
Fifth Doctor (and my personal favorite classic Doctor) Peter Davison gave an interview to the Independent about his time as the Doctor, what the future holds for the series, chatting with Tenth Doctor and son-in-law David Tennant, and how that famous piece of celery found its way onto his costume.
Doctor Who
He, as his son-in-law, would go on to marry his daughter, who played his daughter in the show.
Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey indeed.
And if a trip down memory lane isn't your cup of tea, let's look to the future! The BBC released a set of great Series 7B photos featuring the Doctor, Clara, and a freaky looking alien. I can't wait until March 30th! Check out some of the highlights below and head over to the BBC for more incredible pictures!

Series 7B

Matt Smith Jenna-Louise Coleman
Making souffles in the kitchen of the TARDIS?

Doctor with Fez and Clara outside TARDIS
Return of the Fez!

Doctor Who
The Doctor gets serious

Doctor Who Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman
The New Team

3. Carrie Fisher Confirms Return for Episode VII?
We've been burned before, but this time it seems like Carrie Fisher has given a short, but definitive "yes" to her return as Princess Leia in the Sequel Trilogy. Check out the full interview here.

That's all for now folks! Please stay tuned to be connected to more Missing Lincs!


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